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Sira and maR

Sira and Mar are two stories where the protagonists are models of perseverance, who accept the challenges and have the necessary impetus to transgress what society imposes on them. Brave girls who, despite the difficulty of their lives, show with sensitivity the values they can display when they dare to be themselves.



Memories of the earth

A story about the memories of Grandma Sira told by her granddaughter, Ingrid.

The story talks about the unexpected changes that life proposes and about farewells as opportunities to embark on new adventures.

Puppets, objects, smells, shadows and music in a small theater create landscapes that invite the spectator to accompany our protagonist on an unexpected path.



The water of dreams


This tale comes from the darkness.

Sometimes it's scary, but if you close your eyes for a moment you can enter the magical world of darkness ...


La Mar was a girl who was very afraid of the dark, sometimes before going to bed she thought about the immensity of the universe and was scared by the feeling of falling into the void, but at the same time, she was very curious. to know the secrets of the universe.

One dark stormy night he had a dream that forever changed the fate of his life.

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