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Ortiga is an artistic collective based in Banyoles, born in 2016. Its work aims to create spaces for meeting and artistic coexistence, where to research, spread and awaken environmental and social awareness.

Ortiga currently performs shows, immersive experiences, educational projects, courses and actions in the territory, at festivals, cultural programs, social, environmental projects and schools in  national and international.

These different artistic proposals seek to make culture accessible to everyone, participatory, decentralized, and to offer a space where to experience, imagine and investigate from intimacy and sensitivity, and where together to discover paths for the regeneration of the territory and the social fabric, within an interdisciplinary and intergenerational framework.

Art, with its symbolic capacity, opens us to the emotion necessary to redo and invent new collective imaginaries, vital for an ecological and social awareness.


Ingrid Codina




He is currently directing the show Kumulunimbu, he is a teacher of theater of the Oppressed, artistic expression and trapeze with children and adolescents (Municipal School of Expression of Olot, Youth Classroom of Sant Jaume de Llierca, School de Riudaura) works in high schools in Girona as an actress and teacher in the project "What happens to Whats up?" He studied at the Social Theater School Forn de Teatre Pa'Tothom (Barcelona), physical theater at the Galliner (Girona), Tècnica Segnimosi and took different courses and workshops in dance, theater, singing, clown and trapeze. She has worked as an actress with the Teatraviesas association and the Crisàlide cultural association. Highlights include working with teachers such as Julian Boal, Alex Cohelo, Pep Vila, Marian Masoliver, Minako Seki


Guillem Geronès




Illustrator, set designer and actor,

As an actor he is trained in physical and clown theater through work experiences in different groups, courses and schools.

In 2011 he graduated in Portugal as a stage designer. He is currently working as an actor, set designer and director on the show Kumulunimbu in Ortiga, on the show AN-KI and on the project Original.


As an actor he has worked with the companies Teatro do Frio, Clown laboratory Porto, Rei sem Roupa, radar 360, Company of comedians Kafkiana and Ortiga of which he is co-founder.

Marc Selles

Kumulunimbu Troupe!  #ortigas #kumulunim



He is currently working as an actor and set designer on the Cia show Kumulunimbu. Ortiga, of which he has been working since 2015 on different projects for the creation and interpretation of shows and also doing scenography work. Trained in different disciplines such as acting, comic theater, physical theater, clown, clown and as a theater teacher. He has worked individually and in different groups such as the Pallasseata Girona, El cigarrito de despues, contaminando sonrisas,.


Clara Centenera

He has studied Fine Arts (UB), Art Therapy (UM) and Sensory and Poetic Language of Play (UdG), and
different theater courses, circus techniques and writing workshops.
A lover of poetry, she is the author of the book of poems Migration to the Magma (Edicions Tremendes, 2018) which has adapted in stage format creating two small format shows: () graces, Tarot.
He has written drama in the body of poetry and has taken it to the stage on several occasions.
collaborating with different disciplines such as music, circus, contemporary dance and dance
theater in shows such as BiMind, Topos Graphein, Eme Fuga de la memoria, plays by

Tac-Tiq collective and with the collaboration of Puntos de Partida (Mexico). With the AJC Pengim-
Penjam (Calonge) has participated in the creation and interpretation of numerous shows

large format multidisciplinary.
Recently, with the Tac-Tiq collective, he has presented a work of community performance art and
mural called The Skin of the City at the Nomad Festival of El Salvador
He is currently a member of the Cia. Ortiga with the show An-Ki.
Today he works in writing, the performing arts and in the field of education.

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Michael Lecuyer

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist

His love for music has led him to experience it in a self-taught way through different instruments. Creator of various bands such as: "Grallomilloh" Jazz Manouche-Tolosa, "Blotchéro" Jazz Manouche-Tolouse, "Aguita" Mestissatge-Menorca, "La Xaranga del Xubec" Balkan / swing-Menorca, "Hora de Joglar" Mestissatge-Girona, "Kozama" Soul / funk / electro-Girona, has worked in them as a composer and performer. 

He entered the world of theater as a composer and director in the comic-musical play "Manovella Swing" with the band "La Xaranga del * Xubec".

He is currently a member of the company Ortiga where he composed the soundtrack for the show "AN-KI".


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