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We discover paths for the Regeneration of the territory and the social fabric

We want to introduce you ORIGINARIA an itinerant artistic project that is installed for a period of time in festivals, cultural programs, schools, associations, towns and cities, in a natural environment or in green spaces in urban areas, with the aim of spreading and awakening environmental and social awareness, offering a meeting point and coexistence, where, through art, generate experiences of collective participation and social transformation.

"Originaria is a space for creative coexistence, with shows, interactive installations, library, environmental project and workshops for social and environmental awareness."

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the 4 originaRIa  proposals:




An immersive theatrical experience, where the audience transformed into travelers lives a fantastic story about the deforestation of forests and the consequences it brings to people.


Ambulant leaves


An interactive installation where you can play, experience and discover more about the environmental and social themes of the work An-Ki.



of the open air
Artistic creation workshops, where you explore, think and create an action together,  a detail, a beneficial gesture for the place.



of the roots


A library of stories that speak to children and adults about social, environmental and emotional issues, and of audio stories linked to the oral tradition of the places.

This space for artistic coexistence is intended for the fact that theculture is more accessible, participative, decentralized and reflects the needs and particularities of the different communities, offering spaces to experiment, imagine and investigate from intimacy and sensitivityof each proposal, where together we discover paths for the regeneration of the territory and the social fabric, within an intercultural and intergenerational framework.

One of the objectives of Originaria is to work 

for a period of time, with educational centers, primarily in small towns.

We set up tents in a space close to the center, so that the children have access during and after the school day, to be able to create a meeting point and coexistence also with the families, inhabitants, associations and projects of the town._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The 2 weeks of Originaria at school are transformed into a journey, where together we discover new paths for a social and environmental awareness, through the artistic experience.

If you want to contact for more information:

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Originaria in your school

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